Run the Brighton Chicken Run for Hue Help!

Chicken RunHue Help has places in the Brighton Chicken Run! This is an exciting fun run event that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Hue Help is lucky enough to have charity places available giving our supporters the chance to take part!

Event: Brighton Chicken Run
Date / Time: 20th March 2016 – 10AM
Location: Hove Park, Brighton and Hove
Event Type: 5km Run (as a chicken!)

What does entry include?
In addition to a sense of achievement and a great time, entrance to the Brighton Chicken Run will get you:Brighton Chicken Run

  • Your own chicken costume!
  • A finisher medal
  • An Easter egg for finishers
  • A Nando’s goody bag, including a ‘half chicken’ voucher
  • One week free membership with British Military Fitness!

Interested in taking part?
We do not charge any fees to have one of our charity places in this event, but we do ask that you raise a minimum of £100. Hue Help uses the JustGiving service to help supporters create fundraising pages – and we’ll even throw in a Hue Help t-shirt as well!

If you are interested in taking part please contact us and we will get you signed up. We look forward to seeing you there!

Further Information

>> Brighton Chicken Run website

>> Brighton Chicken Run Facebook page




Making Swimming for Safety sustainable…

Swimming for Safety in low resource settings

In the UK, children tend to learn to swim in swimming pools. The benefits of this are obvious – they are clean, warm and controlled environments. In low resource rural environments, access to swimming pools isn’t usually readily available. However, we know the risk of drowning in low resource settings is higher than in higher income countries. To combat this, Hue Help’s Swimming for Safety initiative teaches children to swim in open water environments.

Implementing sustainable solutions is a key aim of all of our initiatives. Swimming for Safety is no different – so we have to makes sure that we provide our school teachers with equipment and resources that are appropriate to the local environment but also fit for purpose. Our swimming sites use a system of basic nets, buoys and anchors to mark out safe zones for children to swim in. All of these items can be obtained locally at very low cost, which will help to ensure that schools can continue to teach their children to swim without relying on external support in the future!

To date, Swimming for Safety has trained over 7,800 children in water safety awareness, basic swimming skills and land based rescue skills across 3 provinces in Vietnam.

Summer activities at Hue Children’s Shelter!

From 21st-22nd July 2015, Hue Help organised a summer trip for the kids and the staff at Hue Children Shelter to Da Nang City and Hoi An Ancient Town. The bus picked everybody up at the shelter in the morning and the kids were really excited. Some of them woke up at 5 a.m in the morning just to check the luggage that they prepared couple days ago for the trip! The first stop was Ngu Hanh Son,  on the way from Da Nang to Hoi An. The kids were very interested in climbing to the top of Ngu Hanh Son mable mountain even though it was high with a lot of steps. They enjoyed the beautiful temples, caves and the sights up there. Leaving the first stop, we kept going to Hoi An, checked in hotel, had lunch together and took a rest before visiting the ancient town. A tour guide told the children about the history of Hoi An and the stories about Chua Cau Japanese bridge, ancient houses of Hoi An… After a tour around this beautiful old town, we got in the bus to An Bang beach. The children played some games and swam at the beach under supervising of adults. They were happy to swim with Celeste, the coordinator of Swimming for Safety. Leaving the beach, we had dinner at a Hoi An garden dinner with the delicious foods of Hoi An. Then, we walked or cycled to discovery Hoi An by night. Some of the kids were back to the hotel and kept swimming at the little pool at the hotel.

We woke up quite early for the next day to have breakfast at the hotel before going to Da Nang city to visit Son Tra peninsula with the huge Linh Ung pagoda. From here, we could see all Da Nang city view. It was very amazing with all the kids. Then, we got in the car back to Hue and had lunch in a beautiful restaurant next to Lang Co beach.

All the chidren looked rather sleepy after having an over excited time. They really had an amazing summer trip this year!

Give a little more this Christmas… for free!

Christmas is a busy time of year. Many people will be shopping online this Christmas, buying gifts for friends and family. At Hue Help, we have partnered with Give As You Live. Give As You Live allows you to shop online from over 3,000 retailers, but send money to Hue Help at the same time! All you need to do is sign up and follow the simple instructions. There is no cost to you, but it can help make a huge difference to the people we work with in Vietnam.

Sign up here and help make a difference this Christmas!


Splashing around with 2014 Swimming for Safety

With the school holidays and summer arriving it is time again for our Swimming for Safety programme. This year 11 Phu Loc schools are participating with 120 students being taught to swim per school by our STA trained swimming tutors. Thanks to kind supporters such as Laguna Lang Co, BBGV, and private donations we are proud to be teaching even more children to swim in 2014 than previous SFS programmes. The DSC_0460photos show the children practicing water survival and rescue techniques so that they may be able to help their friends and family who do not know how to swim, and some boys from a Phu Loc school learning the freestyle stroke. In addition to the swimming classes we also arrange workshops the refresh the knowledge of our swimming tutors and to share suggestions to improve the program each year. Keep an eye on our Facebook page to see updates and more photos of this year’s Swimming for Safety programme.

The past few months at Hue Children’s Shelter

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESFun Sunday activities have been a source of enjoyment for all of the children, two international, and two local volunteers recently. One Sunday included special Halloween activities and was a highlight for all. The chasing game ‘Who’s afraid of the monster’ was an enjoyable scare, with children then transforming each other into creepy mummies, cackling witches, lumbering frankensteins, and bewitching wizards. Other activities have included dancing, football, and the game ‘Duck, duck, goose’.

Winter has arrived suddenly in Hue so Hue Help Hue Help supported the children’s shelter to buy warm clothing for the children. We are dedicated to improving the living conditions and health of the children in the shelter, and ensuring they have appropriate warm clothing is one such way that we fulfill this commitment. Read about our other commitments to the shelter here.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESTwo children are working hard at high school as they hope to get into university in the next two years. Both of the children are interested in science and maths. Chemistry and physics are two main subjects for their university examination. We are supporting their dream by providing extra lessons in chemistry and we hope these extra classes will help them to achieve their goals of attending university.

One of the older girls worked in the Hue Help office last month assisting with data analysis for the Swim Towards Disaster Risk Reduction (STDRR) programme. Phuong graduated from her accounting course recently and this work experience with the Hue Help team was invaluable for her career prospects. She was a great help and we wish her all the best with her future endeavours. Another children’s shelter resident who is one of the two girls attending university, won a silver award for badminton with her team. Congratulations to her team!

Sponsor a swimming lesson for only £5

Joyous child learning to swim

Joyous child learning to swim

Hue Help relies completely on donations by our generous supporters as we are non-governmental, non-religious organisation. We need your support this Christmas to ensure we can continue our important programmes next year, such as Swimming for Safety.

In Vietnam drowning is the leading cause of death for children, with up to 32 children drowning each day. Frequent floods, typhoons, and natural disasters, along with the many water bodies and the long coast that characterise Vietnam contribute to these tragic deaths.

Hue Help is determined to reduce this number and is committed to saving lives through providing swimming, water safety, and survival skills to children in the Thua Thien Hue province of central Vietnam. To date we have taught over 4,000 children to swim, and taught over 30 teachers to train children to swim.

You can help us to save lives through swimming. We need your support to reach our target of providing 1,200 children with swimming and water safety lessons in 2014. We need sponsorship of 300 more lessons.

1 swimming lesson costs just under £5. Please sponsor a child’s swimming lesson today and help us to save lives through swimming.

Visit our Christmas appeal page here and let’s make a difference together –

Swimming lessons save lives


Phe lives in a rural commune in the heart of Quang Tri district. Her home is surrounded by several bodies of water including a large lake making it a beautiful but treacherous area for the many people there who never have the chance to learn to swim. Phe’s life came to a standstill one tragic afternoon when the water took away two of her beloved daughters. Playing by the river one afternoon, the girls aged 11 and 13 disappeared. Hours of searching ended in tragedy with the two girls’ bodies found in the river.

Phe was determined to protect her daughter and son from the same fate. She heard about Hue Help and NAV’s collaborative “Swim towards Disaster Risk Reduction” programme that organised swimming lessons in local schools in her area. However her family were strongly against allowing the two remaining children to go anywhere near water. Traditional beliefs made them fear that the two remaining children would drown because the spirits from their sisters remain in the river until they can be replaced by two new spirits to finally go to heaven.

After visiting the swimming site Phe decided that despite these traditional beliefs the site, equipment, and class management were safe for her children to attend. Now Phe’s son is one of the 1,800 children that were taught to swim during this year’s programme in Central Vietnam’s most flood prone areas.

During the visit, Phe could not stop telling us how vital swimming lessons for the children in the area are so that a fate like her tragic story can be avoided. She hopes we will expand our programme to have swimming lessons for all children, and that women and girls in the community may one day have the opportunity to learn too as it is never too late to prevent stories like hers from happening again.

It costs 150,000VND or just under £5 to teach a child to swim in Vietnam. Please sponsor swimming lessons today.

Teaching swimming in Hue

DSC_0014This year Hue Help and Nordic Assistance to Vietnam (NAV) worked together to teach swimming in regional areas around Hue. During “Swim towards Disaster Risk Reduction” 119 school teachers learnt how to teach elementary aged school children water safety, swimming and first aid skills. Following these teacher courses 1,800 children from 31 local schools in Central Vietnam’s most frequently flooded areas were taught how to swim and be safe around water. Thankfully the courses finished before the rainy season arrives in Hue! The courses were informative and fun, and one child mentioned “I am greatly interested in swimming. I wish that swimming will soon become a main subject to be taught in school so that I together with my classmates can have more chance to practice.” These courses are vitally important in a country where 30 children drown each day.

We would like to thank our partners NAV who funded the collaborative, and the Swimming Teacher Association in the UK who kindly provided a swimming tutor, Mr Garry Seaghers, for a highly successful swimming programme.

Night at the Races Fundraiser, February 1st 2013

On Friday February 1st 2013, a fundraising event was held at O’Shea’s Irish Bar in Manchester, UK for the benefit of disadvantaged children in Hue, Vietnam. In total, eight live races were shown on four screens which, along with a raffle and live band, provided plenty of entertainment throughout the night.  With over 100 people attending, the night was a great success with many horses and races sponsored and bet on, with one particularly popular horse named ‘The Rebel’ attracting many bets.

Hue Help would like to thank in particular Luke Keller (who will volunteer with us in April) for all his tireless effort in organising and coordinating a wonderful event that has raised somewhere in the region of £1,000. In addition, we would like to thank O’Shea’s Irish Bar in Manchester for holding the event and also all the sponsors of the races and horses. The biggest sponsors of the night were Windmill Golf Academy, O’Sheas Irish Bar, Whalley Range School, Manchester Tommy Burns CSC and VNAM Cafe. And finally, we would like to thank all those who attended the event and contributed towards improving the lives of underprivileged children living in Hue, Vietnam. We can only hope that you had an enjoyable evening, and we will ensure that donated funds will go towards improving our programmes and thus improving the lives of the children we support.