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About the exhibition

Breathtaking Vietnam is a charitable art exhibition showing works of artist Denis Boywd. This unique collection of 13 pictures captures the beauty of Vietnam and it’s people. All profits raised from the exhibition will be donated to Hue Help to help fund our range of charitable programmes in Thua Thien Hue province.

Giving back to the community

On his travels in Vietnam, Denis Boywd was inspired by the people and landscapes he met. He immersed himself in local life and absorbed the language, traditions and culture of the communities he visited.

Denis Boywd uses his art to express his love for this fascinating country. It portrays what Vietnam means to him as well as many others who have been here. The paintings show day-to-day images of Vietnamese life and its surrounding natural beauty. His collection captures the fond memories he made and still treasures dearly today.

To this day, Denis Boywd still feels closely connected to Vietnam. He supports a range of charitable organisations in Vietnam, one of them being Hue Help. Alongside his regular support for this small charity, he has donated this acrylic painting collection depicting his beloved Vietnam as an additional means for supporting the local communities he became a part of.

All profits from the sales of these works will be donated to Hue Help’s charitable projects.


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Denis Boywd

Born in 1959, Denis Boywd works and lives in Andert, France. Since the early 1980s, his work has been shown both in France as well as in Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Belgium, Poland and the Czech Republic. He has participated in many national competitions and was selected as an artist to be shown at the the Olympic Games in Nagano, Japan.

This exhibition is his first in Vietnam and we are very pleased to be able to show his pieces of art to both the Vietnamese public and travelling lovers of art. His 13 acrylic paintings capture beautiful scenes of Vietnamese life and its people.

By purchasing one of his works, not only are you buying a beautiful piece of art that will enable you to take a piece of Vietnam back home with you, but you will also be direclty supporting the projects of local charity Hue Help, an organisation which Denis Boywd himself has supported over the last few years.


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Visit the exhibition

The Selected paintings from the exhibition will now be displayed at Hung Vuong Inn, 20 Hung Vuong Street. Suggested donations for the paintings are listed there.

If you have any questions or comments about the exhibition, please contact us here


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Here is a list of the paintings available at the exhibition:

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