Fun Football Festival

On 15th April 2012, one of our partners Football For All Vietnam (FFAV) organised a highly successful event at the stadium on Ha Huy Tap street in Hue. Fun Football Festival, which took place on the final day of Hue Festival 2012, brought together 1200 disadvantaged children from all around Thua Thien Hue province.

Despite the intense early summer heat, the event went on as planned and many different activities were held throughout the day. There were outdoor football matches for boys and girls, as well as an indoor blind football match. The matches were certainly competitive, but more importantly, the children played with smiles on their faces. Hue Children’s Shelter entered two teams, one boys’ and one girls’, who both participated very sportingly.

There were also exhibitions for artwork made by many of the children and various games for the younger children to take part in. One of the highlights was a spectacle inside the stadium consisting of various performances from different shelters and centres. Traditional dancing, modern dancing, ballads, pop songs, plate spinning and stilt walking were just some of the vibrant performances on display. One of the girls from Hue Children’s Shelter, Oanh, even mustered up the courage to sing a popular children’s song in front of everyone in the stadium.

The festival culminated in a massive medal giving ceremony, where every child who participated in the event was awarded a medal. The whole day was a great achievement in bringing together the community and encouraging sport as a form of social development and creating community togetherness.

Improving the Quality of Education for the Children in Our Shelter

One of Hue Help’s activities that we take special pride in is the improvement of education for the children in our shelter. We are fully aware that education is the best way for disadvantaged children to improve their future prospects. With that in mind, we hire tutors to come to the shelter to teach the children the official school subjects, such as Math, Physics, Chemistry, and English.

Before and throughout each school year we work closely with the tutors to exchange information about the classes and the students so as to assure the best possible results for all involved.

This school year we are happy to report some very encouraging results!  One student in particular, Truong, passed his entry exam to Thua Thien Hue College of Education. This is a great sign and we hope that many more of our kids will follow Truong into universities in the near future.

Besides the academic subjects, we also hold classes that help the children physically, such as swimming and kung fu classes.  Engaging in extracurricular activities such as these gives the children an opportunity to relax after working hard in school as well as giving them exercise to improve their health.

In the future Hue Help will hold courses on life skills, such as emotional control, communication, confidence-building, creative problem solving, listening and sharing, time management, safety, and effective study skills. These courses will offer the children the basic knowledge necessary to be successful as they apply their education toward achieving their dreams.

Truong, future student of Thua Thien Hue College of Education

Summer Vacation Activities for the Children

Every year Hue Help is pleased to organize summer vacation activities for the children of the orphanage, and this summer was full of fun activities!


There were three main activities arranged this year: going to the Thanh Tan hot springs, going to Canh Duong beach, and a two-day trip to Vinh Moc tunnel, Nhat Le beach, and Phong Nha cave.

The first summer activity was a fun-filled day at Thanh Tan hot spring. At Thanh Tan the children and Hue Help’s volunteers enjoyed several water games, such as swimming, water slides, and throwing water balloons. Of all of these, the water slide was the clear favourite among the children!

anh 11

On 29th June we had the next activity, this time to Canh Duong beach. On the beach the children and volunteers played beach football and a game of tag. The children were especially happy catching sea creatures like jellyfish and crabs along the beach.

Although those activities were a lot of fun, the trip the children were most excited about was a two-day excursion to Vinh Moc tunnels, Nhat Le beach, and Phong Nha cave. This was the first time the children had gone on a two-day trip! And the trip certainly did not disappoint their high expectations. It was full of interesting experiences, such as exploring the tunnels of Vinh Moc, teambuilding games on the beach, and boating on the river to visit Phong Nha Cave.

After this summer of fun activities our children will begin the new school year full of happy memories, ready to work hard, and already looking forward to more trips next year!