Fun Football Festival

On 15th April 2012, one of our partners Football For All Vietnam (FFAV) organised a highly successful event at the stadium on Ha Huy Tap street in Hue. Fun Football Festival, which took place on the final day of Hue Festival 2012, brought together 1200 disadvantaged children from all around Thua Thien Hue province.

Despite the intense early summer heat, the event went on as planned and many different activities were held throughout the day. There were outdoor football matches for boys and girls, as well as an indoor blind football match. The matches were certainly competitive, but more importantly, the children played with smiles on their faces. Hue Children’s Shelter entered two teams, one boys’ and one girls’, who both participated very sportingly.

There were also exhibitions for artwork made by many of the children and various games for the younger children to take part in. One of the highlights was a spectacle inside the stadium consisting of various performances from different shelters and centres. Traditional dancing, modern dancing, ballads, pop songs, plate spinning and stilt walking were just some of the vibrant performances on display. One of the girls from Hue Children’s Shelter, Oanh, even mustered up the courage to sing a popular children’s song in front of everyone in the stadium.

The festival culminated in a massive medal giving ceremony, where every child who participated in the event was awarded a medal. The whole day was a great achievement in bringing together the community and encouraging sport as a form of social development and creating community togetherness.

A New Relationship Between FFAV and Hue Help

FFAV  DSC 5656

FFAV (Football For All Vietnam) are currently benefiting from an agreement which sends Hue Help volunteers to assist the FFAV coaches on the pitch. Last week, FFAV welcomed two of our volunteers, Adam and Josh, to the project. Both are university students in the UK on their summer holidays and both have coached children’s football in England. The duo will also teach English to some teams throughout their 2 month stay in Vietnam. They will use a lively curriculum unique to FFAV that incorporates football vocabulary and elementary conversational structures.

The club coach at The Arts Center facility, Mr. Thinh, is enthusiastic about the prospect of working with foreign coaches. He noted that their involvement will bring about an injection of energy into his players. Adam and Josh have already introduced a wealth of new training exercises, and were quick to compliment the ball composure and maturity shown by the teams coached by Mr. Thinh.

Hue Help and FFAV hope to place one or two new volunteers when the next volunteer cycle starts to build on Josh and Adam’s excellent contribution. We would like to thank Mr. Phuong, Eddie and Mr. Thinh from FFAV, as well as the Thua Thien Hue Department of Education and Training and The Art Center for their support and cooperation to make this possible.

For more information about FFAV, please visit their website here.