A New Relationship Between FFAV and Hue Help

22 Jul, 2011

FFAV  DSC 5656

FFAV (Football For All Vietnam) are currently benefiting from an agreement which sends Hue Help volunteers to assist the FFAV coaches on the pitch. Last week, FFAV welcomed two of our volunteers, Adam and Josh, to the project. Both are university students in the UK on their summer holidays and both have coached children’s football in England. The duo will also teach English to some teams throughout their 2 month stay in Vietnam. They will use a lively curriculum unique to FFAV that incorporates football vocabulary and elementary conversational structures.

The club coach at The Arts Center facility, Mr. Thinh, is enthusiastic about the prospect of working with foreign coaches. He noted that their involvement will bring about an injection of energy into his players. Adam and Josh have already introduced a wealth of new training exercises, and were quick to compliment the ball composure and maturity shown by the teams coached by Mr. Thinh.

Hue Help and FFAV hope to place one or two new volunteers when the next volunteer cycle starts to build on Josh and Adam’s excellent contribution. We would like to thank Mr. Phuong, Eddie and Mr. Thinh from FFAV, as well as the Thua Thien Hue Department of Education and Training and The Art Center for their support and cooperation to make this possible.

For more information about FFAV, please visit their website here.

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