Diaconia University Students Spring 2012

8 May, 2012

From February to April 2012, Hue Help and one of our partners SORCODE received the first group of social service volunteers of 2012 from Diaconia University of Applied sciences. Annika Hyttinen and Jari-Pekka Pesonen completed a 3-month practical training in two of the children’s shelters of Hue as part of their university studies. The two volunteers taught English in An Tay children’s shelter, and taught English and provided close support to disabled children in Thuy Bieu children’s shelter in Hue. With the support of local volunteers, they successfully completed 3 months in the respective shelters and came away with an increased knowledge and awareness about the support and welfare of disadvantaged children in Vietnam.

Coming to Hue was my first trip to Asia. I’m happy that I had a chance to learn things about Vietnamese culture. Completing a practical training in Hue was the best thing I’ve experienced in my studies” – Jari-Pekka Pesonen

I had a really great time in Hue! I met lots of interesting people from all around the world. And I’m definitely going to miss them all! The Vietnamese lifestyle is something you cannot describe, you have to experience it” – Annika Hyttinen

Feedback from the placement sites and their coworkers in Hue was just as positive as their conclusions about their experiences in Hue. From giving quality lessons to the children to participating in social activities, Hue Help benefited greatly from the volunteers’ enthusiastic involvement and we would be glad if they were able to take away as much they gave.

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