There’s lots of ways you can volunteer your time with Hue Help!

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We rely on the generous support of volunteers to operate. Without volunteers, we wouldn’t be able to carry out our work! 

Current UK Vacancies

We are currently looking for someone to serve as Treasurer for Hue Help. This role involves overseeing our finances, producing regular reports and completing our annual financial report in compliance with the regulations of the Charity Commission for England & Wales. To apply for this role, you should be based in the UK, be over 18 years of age, have a clean criminal record and have experience in accounting. Experience in a smilar role is greatly valued. To apply, please email us with a cover letter and CV

Volunteering in Vietnam
We often have a need for volunteers in Vietnam. We currently welcome volunteers with the following skill sets:

  • Swimimng teacher trainers / Water Safety professionals
  • Fundraising 
  • Communications
  • Special Educational Needs professionals

As an organisation, our role is to build local capacity. As such, all our volunteer roles in Vietnam are based around transferring knowledge and skills to local staff to help build long term capacity.

Volunteers of any nationality are welcome to apply, and we do not discriminate on nationality. If however you do not have the legal right to work in Vietnam at present, we would need to obtain a work permit for you to work in Vietnam. To do this, you would need to have five years relevant experience, a bachelors degree and a clean criminal record. You would also need to undergo a health check. Due to the costs and time involved in obtaining work permits, we are only able to accept volunteers who are able to offer a minimum commitment of six months. An exception to this is if you are a subject expert and visiting to deliver a short workshop or training course. At present, Hue Help is not able to offer any financial assistance to volunteers, but we may be able to offer free accommodation.

Travelling through Hue?

We do not normally accept short term international volunteers. For safeguarding and legal reasons, we need to carry out background checks for volunteers, and this normally makes short term volunteer projects not viable. If you can’t volunteer in Vietnam, there are still lots of ways you can get involved and help support our work!

If you are travelling in Vietnam and would like to visit, please get in touch – you are welcome to make an appointment to visit our team at our office. We do not accept short term visits or volunteers to Hue Children’s Shelter. For full reasons, please see our Hue Children’s Shelter page FAQ or read our visitors policy. We do not recommend volunteering at orphanages / children’s shelter while travelling, and we recommend being cautious of short term volunteer projects, especially those organised by tour companies – they may be more about profit and the tourist experience than actually helping people. Check out this advice for further information.


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